Could a Simple Overlooked 2-Step
‘Sunrise/Sunset Ritual’
Really Be What Changed Our Lives?

Only 6.3% of People Have Heard of This ‘Ritual’

Hey, Bethany Here and I Want To Share Our Story…

…one that led to long lasting and real health my husband, Keith, and I now enjoy. Our journey taught us that the real cause of stubborn belly and body fat has nothing to do with starving ourselves, crash dieting, or waving our favorite foods goodbye. 🍲

Keith and I met during our freshman year of college and it was really our love for food that brought us together.

To this day, I can’t even recall how many food tours and adventures we have gone on, to eat and taste the local flavors of our destination.

Despite the endless calories we consumed during our prime years, our bodies had always been able to burn it off.

I guess you can call it a blessing for two food-loving travelers like us!

Fast forward thirty-two years, and now in our 50s, our terrific food adventures were no longer exciting and stimulating.

It became dull, simple, and safe because our body couldn’t keep up like it use to…

We traded pasta drenched in sauce plus the fat and juicy cuts of meat for flavorless lettuce and dry, lean food that tasted almost like cardboard.

We weren’t the most athletic people either. We never found a passion for exercise, so the gym didn’t work, no matter how much effort we put in—it just wasn’t for us.

Do you know what the saddest part about all this was? We were still gaining weight.

It was difficult to control the cravings for two ‘foodies’ like us. We felt trapped and imprisoned by our desires versus our responsibilities. It took a toll on our health and, eventually, our relationship.

This nightmare soon became a passing dream when I was introduced to John Barban, a recognized leading expert who holds a long list of prestigious degrees in human biology, nutrition, and exercise physiology, and has over 25 years experience at the acclaimed University of Florida.

John pointed out that he along with his sister and thousands of others including ourselves, were repeating a cycle that was ineffective.

He highlighted that the things we were doing only brought forth short-lived results.

Many believe they can lose weight and return to their previous lifestyle afterward to rebound and sometimes worse than when they started.

One needs a PRACTICAL and LASTING solution that’s easy to sustain for the years ahead—so they can live the life they love without remorse, food deprivation, or sacrifice.

After all the research, trial and error, and countless hours talking to specialists who could help, they discovered a simple routine that flipped the metabolic switch and gave incredible lasting results.

A routine that was simply to be done after dinner and could begin to melt away inches in a short amount of time.

Success Starts With Step 1!

Ready To Take Back Control of Your Health?

If so, start with the STEP 1 recipe below and then watch the video for STEP 2. This has become a daily habit for us now as its been life changing for us.

Step 1 below is NOT required, but we’ve personally seen better results implementing it along with Step 2.



  • 1 Ripe Lemon (preferably organic)
  • 1 inch Piece of Fresh Ginger Root, Peeled and Sliced
  • 1/8 tsp. Ground Turmeric
  • 2-1/2 cups Purified Water
  • Cayenne Pepper (optional)
  • 2 tsp. Honey (optional)

Tip: We typically make up a batch by 3-4x the above ingredients and storing in the refrigerator. Then we’ll either reheat it or drink it chilled throughout the day/week.


  1. Slice the lemons and ginger
  2. ​Bring the water to a boil in a pot
  3. ​Add the lemon and boil for 3 minutes
  4. ​Turn the heat off and add the ginger, turmeric, and pepper
  5. ​Let steep for 30 minutes
  6. ​Strain and drink at room temperature or reheat (but don’t bring to a boil)
  7. ​Use honey for added sweetness

Enjoy with fresh mint (optional) alongside Step 2.

We Wish You The Same SUCCESS We Have Enjoyed!

To say that our lives have changed would be an understatement. 😍

We’ve been able to:

  • Sleep a solid 7-8 hrs nightly
  • Control our hunger/cravings
  • Restore our energy and vitality
  • Reduce our inflammation issues
  • Increase our immunity
  • Say goodbye to grueling amounts of exercise
  • Eat most of what we want (very important for foodies like us)

Today, our foodie adventures continue (most recently in the Maldives…a bucket list item for us where we renewed our vows ❤️).

Keith and I eat delicious high-calorie meals, with yummy snacks in-between, without worrying about a thing…every…single…day. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not munching Big Macs every day. We eat pretty healthy, but we don’t count calories – and we certainly do NOT deprive ourselves of our favorite foods or treats at least a few times a week.

Look – we’d be hypocrites if we said we weren’t skeptical with the bold claims at first too, but as soon as we saw the results, we were immediate believers.